BARACK OBAMA: his Gulf oil war


"Make no mistake, I'm in control."
That's what Barack Obama said.
I'm not sure why he wants to be
When so much life will end up dead.

Perhaps he sees another time
That dredges up his greatest fears.
If he is seen too slow to act
His term will end in just four years.

Obama's in another war
Which like the others is a sin.
He's fighting Nature in the Gulf
And this one he will surely win.

Then to the victor go the spoils,
Dead birds and all aquatic life,
So many miles of oil stained sand,
Unparalleled domestic strife.

Although he said, "I'm in control"
His claims of power are a fraud.
Obama may be president;
But the Economy is god.

She is a goddess we create.
Her heart is ice, her blood is black.
We worship her on bended knee
And still she stabs us in the back.

Will this disaster wake us up?
And will we finally stand tough?
Will we now tell the president,
"This time the cheque is not enough?

We want new lives without the cash;
To kill goddess Economy.
In place of her we'll worship life
Becoming what we each can be."

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