The Copenhagen conference
Was valuable for us to see.
It failed yet it exposed the space
Where our intelligence should be.

A climate change is happening.
There cannot be a reasoned doubt.
How much of it is due to us
We should not disagree about.

If we think we should stop the change
We must consider what was said.
For if our politicians lead
It's certain we'll all end up dead.

"No country will get all they want."
Was in Barrack Obama's speech.
When saving our environment
How can there be divided reach?

Steve Harper's statement also shows
A blindness that should cause alarm.
"We'll do no thing to save the earth
If it Economy, will harm.

This thought comes from a stagnant mind.
How can he otherwise declare
That saving god Economy
Is more important than clean air?

Our 'leaders' do not stand alone
With isolated thoughts of cost.
Without a mass to follow them
Elected 'leaders' would be lost.

The space for our intelligence
Is filled with thinking by us all.
If we don't fill it with clear thoughts
We'll surely die beneath the pall.

We must 'kill' god Economy
For it is getting in our way.
Our 'Mother' doesn't stand a chance
While we believe we have to pay.

Instead we have to look at Her
And ask, what is it we can give
To bring our 'Mother' back to life
So that together we may live?

Green Shift 

Cancun:COP 16