ALONE: an anthem for humanity

Don't give me solitude
For I'll be forced to try,
As 'Adam' did for 'Eve',
To answer, "Why am I?"
Please busy me with work.
If that won't make me sink,
Give me philosophy
So I don't have to think.
I'll try religions too,
To occupy my mind,
And atheism if
Their gods I cannot find.
When these don't satisfy
I'll also heed the call
To numb my mind with drugs,
And sex and alcohol.
Create more stuff to buy;
I'll shop until I drop.
Speed up the human race;
I never want to stop.
Turn on the facebook page
And then the twitter feed;
To fill the emptiness
There're still not what I need.
I'll search the latest phone,
Computer and TV.
With thoughts life's meaningless,
Alone I cannot be.