‘Knowledge’, ‘knowledge’ everywhere
Yet still we don’t know how to think.
Intended to keep us afloat
But deeper into death we sink.
What weighs us down are not the facts
We need in order to survive.
What’s drowning us are mountains of
The ‘knowledge’ of why we’re alive.

When 50 years or so ago
My own ‘life jacket’ fell apart,
Once more I searched the mountains for
Perhaps another place to start.
So with a failure in my mind
I searched for ‘knowledge’ that would pass.
But what I found while looking was
In fact, the mountains have no mass.
What we are calling ‘knowledge’ now
Was all made up throughout the years.
No matter what, we trace it back
And every bit just disappears.
Since mountains are just all the failed
Attempts to answer “Why am I?”,
By searching them again, defines
Insanity with every try.

Now razing them reveals the fact
The start of our insanity
Was after ‘Eve’ asked “Why am I?”,
Thus gave birth to humanity.
The answer ‘Adam’ didn’t know.
Unknowns he’d fled from to avoid.
Since it remained he due to fear
Replied, thus tried to fill the void.
That it would fail he couldn’t know.
For us there should be no surprise.
Since ‘Adams’ answer there have been
200,000 years of tries.

The answer he made up I call
Unnatural intelligence.
He tried to fill the void with it
Which made no existential sense.
Activity that was his try
I call unnatural, for it
Subtracted from his life and so,
In Nature’s plan it didn’t fit.

Our Mother’s plan for us began
About 2 million years ago.
We know it was by Nature’s hand,
The reason we will never know.
Our predecessors reached out to
The bounds of their capacities,
To others, and to Nature’s God,
Our natural activities,
Exclusively until about
200,000 years ago.
By then their bodies looked like ours,
The mind of ‘Eve’ was primed to know.

When ‘Eve’ asked ‘Adam’ “Why am I?”
She gave humanity a choice.
While Nature was still dominant,
Humanity now had a voice.
It wasn’t very loud at first.
Although still mostly Nature’s say,
As they increasingly asked “Why?”
Our ancestors made life their way.
Though asking “Why?” is natural,
With answers, unknowns disappear
Around the void which grows in size.
So asking caused increasing fear.
Increasing fear evoked response
Accordingly, so mountains grew.
Unfortunate it is for us
It was the only way they knew.

Had they known then what we know now
They would have seen 2 million years
Of self-creative living and
With only life preserving fears.
Had they continued to “reach out…”
Right after ‘Eve’ asked “Why am I?”,
Our life would not be sinking now,
Our limits might have been the sky.

Although it’s late we might have time
To turn our sinking life around.
However, there’s no way we can
Unless we stand on common ground.
Our natural activity
Is still some part of all our lives.
We need at least a bit of it.
It’s how each one of us survives.
But judging by our mountain’s size,
Collectively there’s not a lot.
In fact life scientists predict
We’ll sink for sure with what we’ve got.
Unnatural activity
As said makes up the other part.
To save our lives then, razing our
Own mountain is the place to start.
Without the mountains in our way,
And seeing nothing but the sky,
We could become what we can be,
And maybe answer “Why am ?”

LIFE: a reaction to the void
DEMOCRACY: the death of us