‘Knowledge’, ‘knowledge’ everywhere
Yet still we don’t know how to think.
Intended to keep us afloat
But deeper into death we sink.
What weighs us down are not the facts
We need in order to survive.
What’s drowning us are mountains of
The ‘knowledge’ of why we’re alive.

When 50 years or so ago
My own ‘life jacket’ fell apart,
Once more I searched the mountains for
Perhaps another place to start.
So with a failure in my mind
I searched for ‘knowledge’ that would pass.
But what I found while looking was
In fact, the mountains have no mass.
What we are calling ‘knowledge’ now
Was all made up throughout the years.
No matter what, we trace it back
And every bit just disappears.
Since mountains are just all the failed
Attempts to answer “Why am I?”,
By searching them again, defines
Insanity with every try.

Now razing them reveals the fact
The start of our insanity
Was after ‘Eve’ asked “Why am I?”,
Thus gave birth to humanity.
The answer ‘Adam’ didn’t know.
Unknowns he’d fled from to avoid.
Since it remained he due to fear
Replied, thus tried to fill the void.
That it would fail he couldn’t know.
For us there should be no surprise.
Since ‘Adams’ answer there have been
200,000 years of tries.

The answer he made up I call
Unnatural intelligence.
He tried to fill the void with it
Which made no existential sense.
Activity that was his try
I call unnatural, for it
Subtracted from his life and so,
In Nature’s plan it didn’t fit.

Our Mother’s plan for us began
About 2 million years ago.
We know it was by Nature’s hand,
The reason we will never know.
Our predecessors reached out to
The bounds of their capacities,
To others, and to Nature’s God,
Our natural activities,
Exclusively until about
200,000 years ago.
By then their bodies looked like ours,
The mind of ‘Eve’ was primed to know.

When ‘Eve’ asked ‘Adam’ “Why am I?”
She gave humanity a choice.
While Nature was still dominant,
Humanity now had a voice.
It wasn’t very loud at first.
Although still mostly Nature’s say,
As they increasingly asked “Why?”
Our ancestors made life their way.
Though asking “Why?” is natural,
With answers, unknowns disappear
Around the void which grows in size.
So asking caused increasing fear.
Increasing fear evoked response
Accordingly, so mountains grew.
Unfortunate it is for us
It was the only way they knew.

Had they known then what we know now
They would have seen 2 million years
Of self-creative living and
With only life preserving fears.
Had they continued to “reach out…”
Right after ‘Eve’ asked “Why am I?”,
Our life would not be sinking now,
Our limits might have been the sky.

Although it’s late we might have time
To turn our sinking life around.
However, there’s no way we can
Unless we stand on common ground.
Our natural activity
Is still some part of all our lives.
We need at least a bit of it.
It’s how each one of us survives.
But judging by our mountain’s size,
Collectively there’s not a lot.
In fact life scientists predict
We’ll sink for sure with what we’ve got.
Unnatural activity
As said makes up the other part.
To save our lives then, razing our
Own mountain is the place to start.
Without the mountains in our way,
And seeing nothing but the sky,
We could become what we can be,
And maybe answer “Why am ?”

LIFE: a reaction to the void
DEMOCRACY: the death of us


Abortion has again become
A leader in the daily news.
While one side wants to ban them all,
The other wants the right to choose.
This conflict is a recent one
Among the fights in history.
The reason for these fights in life
Is not at all a mystery.

The story of our life began
About 2 million years ago.
Our Mother Nature planned our life.
She made the choice to let us grow.
Our predecessors reached out to
The bounds of their capacities,
To ‘mothers’, and to Nature’s God,
Our natural activities.
They had unique capacities
Which were by Mother Nature picked.
They traveled side by side to them
Therefore their paths did not conflict.
They grew to be what we see now,
Gained natural intelligence,
Developed minds that could ask “why?”,
They started wanting to make sense.

Our Mother ‘Eve’ asked “Why am I?”
200,000 years ago,
Thus gave birth to humanity.
The answer, ‘Adam’ didn’t know.
Unknowns he feared instinctively.
This one he sensed he should avoid.
So he created a response
With which he tried to fill the void.
It didn’t for there is no way.
But his successors felt the need
To try repeatedly since then.
We still try now and don’t succeed.

Our tries are all unnatural
Activity. They’re all made up.
Increasing them diminishes
The “reaching out…” that’s in our cup
Of life activities bestowed
On us by Nature long ago
With natural intelligence,
’Food’ for our minds we need to grow.
Our tries are motivated by
Unnatural intelligence
We claim mistakenly is truth
For make-believe does not make sense.
They’re all directed inwardly.
Regardless of the blend we picked
Our tries oppose all others’ tries;
The consequence, they all conflict.
We try to fill the void with wealth,
Religion and philosophy,
Preeminence and jobs and love,
With any type of family.
We try with alcohol and drugs,
And then to make life most complex
Resulting in mass casualties,
We try to fill the void with sex.

It’s Nature’s Law sex is required
In order to create new life.
With tries to fill the void with sex
All we create is harmful strife.
We fight about when life begins,
About a woman’s right to choose,
We fight over the right to life,
But in the end it’s life we lose.
It’s not just of an unborn child.
It’s, when we fight we can’t “reach out…”
And for the first few million years
That’s just what life was all about.

Since we’ve increasingly made life
A blend of tries to fill the void,
The life that was when ‘Eve’ gave birth
We’ve clearly pretty well destroyed.
Life scientists don’t have much hope
That we can turn this life around,
But if we can there’s just one way.
We have to stand on common ground.
Not just to end abortion fights.
All tries to fill the void must end.
With nothing then to fight about
Each former foe will be a friend.
Together we will reach out to
The bounds of our capacity,
To others and to Nature’s God,
Creating our humanity.

LIFE: a reaction to the void
ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SEX and other anesthetics

DEMOCRACY: the death of us

Humanity is governed by
Democracy we’ve not designed.
There were no formal documents.
It formed in our collective mind.
There are no parties seeking power.
Instead our countries take their place.
Each has a leader but just three
Are in the present leader’s race.

Democracy was given birth
And is sustained by the divides
We see throughout humanity
Creating our opposing sides.
Defenders say it is the worst
Except of course for all the rest.
But blind belief it is the way
Keeps us from seeing Nature’s best.

It is the way of living that
Began 2 million years ago.
It was authoritarian;
Our predecessors didn’t know.
With Nature’s rule “they reached out to
The bounds of their capacities,
To others, and to Nature’s God.”,
Their natural activities.

Two million years of “reaching out…”
Created bodies we now see
And minds allowing them to ask
The reason they were meant to be,
Two hundred thousand years ago.
They looked. A reason wasn’t found.
They tried to fill the void with some
Creating thus, uncommon ground.

Since then as tries to fill the void
Increased, creating more divides,
Humanity that once had none
Has more than 7 billion sides.
In early years, to bridge divides
It was decided to debate.
When no one would give up their side
They all discovered how to hate.
Debate was called Democracy.
We’ve claimed our rights to fill the void,
Unnatural activity
That’s left our lives all but destroyed.

Apparently, we have 10 years
To make our way back from the brink.
In order to, we must increase
Our mind’s capacity to think.
Since we were ‘born’ by “Why am I?”,
Despite the knowledge we’ve acquired
Our joint capacity to think
Has not increased to what’s required
To make the necessary change
That would allow us to survive.
While we still try to fill the void
We simply can’t remain alive.

However, if we rise to see
The void in us can not be filled
And then begin to empty it,
The consequence will leave us thrilled.
We will return to common ground.
Together, we’ll no longer fear
The void. Debate will end and so
Democracy will disappear.

We will not need a substitute.
There’s one in place that’s been repressed.
A known authoritarian,
We will be ruled by Nature’s best.
With it we will create ourselves.
We’ll all see what we can become;
And rather than be torn apart,
Humanity will be our sum.

Our time is short. We must begin
To change at once. Though we may die
Regardless of the change we make,
We owe it to ourselves to try.

To restore our self-creative relationship with nature
we have to end our self-destructive relationship with

United we ourselves create.
Divided we disintegrate.

DEMOCRACY: a debacle


The breakdown is occurring fast.
The way we're living we can't last,
The scientific body fears,
Beyond much more than thirty years.
We're burning fuel for energy
To power an economy
We seem unable yet to learn
The consequence, it's us we burn.

We're dying of increasing heat
That kills us and the food we eat
Directly, and too bakes the land
Diminishing our room to stand
That rising seas also decrease
As melting ice caps all release
More water than returns as snow.
What's more there is decreasing flow
From glaciers on mountain tops
And where flows end life clearly stops.
As ice declines death rates speed up
By flooding and an empty cup.
Heat also melts the permafrost
Releasing plagues that were long lost,
And methane gas which kills as well
By making earth a deadly hell.
As heat is killing food we plant
It heats the oceans so they can't
Breath life into marine supplies
On which humanity relies.
It's heat that science also blames
For turning forests into flames
That burn Earth's lungs and also leave
Her breath impossible to breathe.
Increasing heat too fills the sky
With floods of tears that are Earth's cry
Of mourning, for the view is stark.
We're floundering and there's no ark.

Heat is enough to spell our doom.
However, there's still lots of room
To list more ways to our demise.
For one, our population size
That's growing larger everyday
Despite two facts, there is no way
Our Mother’s feeding can keep pace;
We can fit into shrinking space.
There's also our economy
Creating inequality,
Religions and philosophies,
Which almost everyone believes
Are all essential for our life
Yet clearly cause increasing strife.
And when they're added, heat and hate
The breakdown they accelerate.

Now if you think this isn’t fact
Because the sky appears intact,
Just take a moment, look around,
You'll see that we are losing ground.
That ground is time; it’s getting short.
According to the last report
Released the 2018 year
Within 10 more we’ll feel the fear
That catastrophic climate change
All life on earth will disarrange.

Although the point of no return
Appears so close, we still can learn
Complete breakdown we might avoid
By ending tries to fill the void
Behind 'Eve’s question, "Why am I?"
When 'Adam' made his fateful try
He set our course for doom someday
Diverting us from Nature's way.
It's natural activity,
The only way that we can be
Completely what She had in 'mind'.
Unique capacities we find
By reaching to their limits and
To others in our human band
While reaching out to Nature's God.
If we go back we will applaud
Returning to the unity
We need to save Humanity.

However, we must act with haste.
We have no further time to waste
On tries to answer vacant whys.
With each a bit of Nature dies.

Age of Asininity
Democracy: the death of us


It's apropos he's loud and brash,
A cut off horn gives him his name.
He blows his and he tweets nonstop
For mass distraction is his game.
Bamboozle is his stock-in-trade.
Though he spent hours on the stump,
Divisions in society
Installed in office Donald Trump.

By his account he is the best,
He boasts, the greatest of them all.
His skill is in division though.
Too sad “divided we will fall.”
Despite how strong he thinks he is
He draws his strength from those divides.
Without them he would fade away.
He couldn’t live without our sides.

The sides sustaining politics
Are ways we try to fill the void.
If we’d accept we can’t do that,
All Donald Trumps we could avoid.
Without divides we might survive
To live another century.
If we stop giving life to Trumps
We would unite humanity.