BARACK OBAMA: victory speech


"The road ahead (it) will be long.
Our climb (it) will be steep.
We as a people will get there.
(But it will not be cheap.)"

What is the peak we have to scale?
The road, where does it go?
What is the cost to follow him?
We really ought to know.

Perhaps he does not see a peak.
He could be in a pit
That into which no light can shine
And so he can't see it.

Maybe his road has not an end
That's clear as it might seem.
It's been so long he may not see
His end is still "the Dream".

When he explains the costs to us
What items will there be,
Our bank account, our way of life
And our philosophy?

The speech inspired but we need more.
His words do not shine far.
If we can't see a lighted end
We'll end up where we are.

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