Apparently before the beginning was the void. Then eons ago for a yet unknown reason there was a theoretical "big bang" after which nature began conceiving and filling the void with life. One conception was humanity. Over time nature guided the evolution of our predecessors up to our present physical form with the level of realized potential mental capacity that enabled 'Eve' to ask 'Adam', "Why am I?", the factual small bang that gave birth to humanity.

When 'Eve' picked the 'rose' 'Adam' replied, "I don't know" and then having an instinctive fear of the unknown he tried to fill the void. He passed his effort on to succeeding generations and we continue trying to fill the void, for "Why am I?" can't be answered. It was the first why and it will be "the last why".

To the extent we try to fill the void we restrict nature's way which is natural, metaphorically white, self-creative, the ideal. Our tries to fill the void are unnatural, metaphorically black, self-destructive, the antithesis of the ideal. According to the law of human nature we blend complementary amounts of both in our lives thus by individual choices humanity can be any shade of grey between self-creation and self-destruction.

It is obvious we are collectively a very dark shade of grey and getting darker; but if there's time there's hope we can become lighter and avoid self-destruction. We can't replant the 'rose' nor would we want to, but we can empty the void of the ways we try to fill it, set Her free and return to Nature's way, the self-creative, white, apparently ideal reaction to the void.