Apparently before the beginning there was a void. About 13.8 billion years ago we think there was a “big bang” that created the universe. Later, Nature began conceiving and filling the earth with life. One conception was the ‘fetus’ of humanity. We don’t know why. Regardless, our predecessors began reaching out to the limits of their capacities, to others and to Nature’s God, and continued this natural activity exclusively until about 200,000 years ago. With it they created our present physical form, acquired natural intelligence and realized the level of mental capacity that enabled ‘Eve’ to ask ‘Adam’, “Why am I?” the question of meaning that gave birth to humanity.

‘Adam’ didn’t know the answer to the ‘rose’ ‘Eve’ picked and fearing the unknown he made up a response with which he tried to fill the void. He failed for there is no way to fill the void. So even though “Why am I?” was the first why, it will also be “the last why”. Accepting this fact requires another increase in mental capacity we’ve not yet realized despite the massive amount of knowledge humanity has acquired over the millennia. Consequently, the fear remains and we keep trying to fill the void within, which being the opposite of “reaching out...,” is unnatural activity. Though we can ask, “Why am I?” and rediscover the void it is not necessary, to create unnatural activity. “Why am I?” only had to be asked once. In fact, we instinctively prefer trying to fill the void with inherited then often reinforced unnatural activity, and so only unwittingly discover the void in our life when we lose part of our inherited try.

Natural activity is ‘white’, acquires natural intelligence, is self-creative and apparently ideal. We “reach out…,” to unique capacities along parallel paths thus natural activity is characterized by peace. Being its opposite, unnatural activity is ‘black’, acquires artificial intelligence, is self-destructive and is characterized by conflict. Natural activity and natural intelligence are essential; unnatural activity and artificial intelligence are optional. According to the law of human nature we blend complementary amounts of natural and unnatural activity in our lives. So, relative to the amount of unnatural activity we can experience conflict within us, the foundation of all conflict, and between us. Our individual blends of activity add up to the collective blend of humanity. Therefore by our choices and addition, humanity can be any shade of grey between the white of self-creation and the black of total self-destruction.

At our birth humanity was just off ‘white’. Judging by only the prevalence of conflict and complementary scarcity of peace that now characterizes our existence, we have clearly become over the course of our history since our birth an extremely dark shade of ‘grey’ that’s getting darker by the day; and we know why. After our birth our ancestors continued to ask why and accumulate knowledge. As facts filled in the physical unknowns surrounding it, the metaphysical unknown seemed to increase in size and effect from a pinhole to a black hole. Unnatural activity was increased in step and natural activity was decreased accordingly.

Our situation is grim; but it’s not black yet. Though we can't replant the ‘rose’, nor should we want to since wondering is natural activity, we can choose to accept that the void found by “Why am I?” can't be filled. With this increased level of realized mental capacity we can empty the void of our belief we need to reproduce; of our religious, political, economic isms, all philosophies and belief systems by any other names; of alcohol, drugs, sex and other mind numbing anesthetics; of other ways we try to fill the void; and of supporting artificial intelligence. When freed from unnatural activity we will be left with only the self-creative natural activity of reaching out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to Nature’s God. Perhaps with our increasing natural intelligence we’ll find this is the answer to “Why am I?” and thus the ideal reaction to the void.

The bad news is we’re running out of time. We have a growing resource deficit, an increasing population, and at the rate our unnatural activity is degrading our environment we’ll push Nature past the point at which She can sustain life within a decade. To save humanity we must reverse the course of our history now! There won’t be anyone to care at the end, but if we don’t reverse our course, until then it is the measure of our artificial intelligence to let our reaction to nothing destroy everything.

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