BARACK OBAMA: inauguration day


On January twentieth
It was Barack Obama's day.
So many came to worship him
I thought that God had come to stay.

God didn't though; and where God is
I'm certain God will be annoyed
That once again the voters think
This President can fill the void.

Obama could have led the way
Toward the change we all ignore.
Instead he left the 'law' that says
The President we must adore.

My hope for real change has been dashed.
I wished not for another star.
It says we're "equal"; if that's so
We should praise each for who we are.

We each should have our own parade
To celebrate what we can be.
For President and cobbler too
We should recite some poetry.

The Presidency can't contain
More meaning than in mending shoes.
Perpetuation of this myth
Ensures more of our life we'll lose.

The change that leaves us "equal" all,
To "happiness" and "life" pursue,
Is not the President's to make.
It's something only we can do.

If each of us dispelled the "myth",
Which is a major source of strife,
Without Obama signing law
We could inaugurate new life.