BARACK OBAMA: healthcare

To justify his healthcare plan
Obama let this sentence pass.
These changes let the poor climb up
A ladder to the middle class.

He said it is historic change;
And if it works there'll be no doubt.
For millions healthcare means they will
No longer have to do without.

Historic though it's said to be
The ladder is too short it seems.
The millions who begin to climb
Will still not reach up to their "dreams".

Joe Biden said from Virgil's lips,
For all, "The greatest wealth is health."
His sales pitch though, obscures the fact
The greatest health is bought with wealth.

So what, the poor are one rung up?
Life is for them still constant fights.
They're far from "life" and "liberty",
Supposed "inalienable rights."

"Created equal" they'll not be
Until Americans decide
Their brothers, sisters they will keep,
For purposes that coincide.

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