LIFE: a reaction to the void

When 'Eve' asked 'Adam' "Why am I?"
She gave birth to humanity.
He looked but 'Adam' couldn't find
The reason we were meant to be.
Instinctively he feared unknowns
So this he felt he should avoid.
He tried to fill the emptiness,
The first reaction to the void.

Till then life had been natural
And after it was mostly so
Until another asked again
Then tries to fill the void would grow.
Each growth of this unnatural
Activity forced them to find
More space for it in life and so
By need the natural declined.

Among our tries to fill the void
There's money and the stuff it buys.
Responses too are in our tries.
We try with drugs, sex, games and food
And other ways to numb our brains
Like senseless content overload
Until none of the void remains.
We try with love and family,
With jobs and last, preeminence.
Directed inward, tries oppose,
Thus end in deadly violence.

Besides our tries we can "give up",
With inactivity react.
It's like our tries, unnatural.
The end though is a one way act.

Opposed to them is Nature's way,
That saves us from the two dead ends.
The natural is the "ideal
needed in our blends.
With it we realize unique
Capacities as nature taught,
By reaching out to others and
To Nature's God. (from Adam's thought)
The paths toward what we can be
Are parallel so there's no strife.
The space between is meaningful.
Together joined their end is life.

"Ideal" activity we blend
With either of the other two
In complementary amounts
That will determine how we do.
Regarding just the other two
It doesn't matter which we choose.
The more of either in our blend
The more of the "ideal" we lose.
But going in the other way
The more of the "ideal" we blend
With less of the unnatural,
The closer we're to nature's end.

With these alternatives, it seems
To live ideally we should try.
This way we wouldn't self-destruct;
And we might answer "Why am I?"