When living for what's after life
We put the horse behind the cart.
We should bet on the here and now
And not what's after we depart.

What's after life I do not know.
Had I the facts, I'd tell of course.
If there's someone who has been there
I want these answers from that source.

Where do we go? What do we do?
Do we look on those left behind?
Please let me see the evidence.
I do not want a faith that's blind.

There is none; thus until we're there
The afterlife remains a myth.
But still I've had some idle thoughts
About it, I've been toying with.

Suppose the agents are part right;
But afterlife just mirrors life,
So when we fly to Paradise
Our baggage is our current strife.

If  'after' is linked to 'before'
That fact another message sends.
While blowing life on 'earth' to hell
The life in 'heaven' also ends.

So just in case, it would be wise
On earth a heaven to create.
Then if there is an afterlife
We'll find it in a peaceful state.