It's apropos he's loud and brash,
A cut off horn gives him his name.
He blows his and he tweets nonstop
For mass distraction is his game.
Bamboozle is his stock-in-trade.
Though he spent hours on the stump,
Divisions in society
Installed in office Donald Trump.

By his account he is the best,
He boasts, the greatest of them all.
His skill is in division though.
Too sad “divided we will fall.”
Despite how strong he thinks he is
He draws his strength from those divides.
Without them he would fade away.
He couldn’t live without our sides.

The sides sustaining politics
Are ways we try to fill the void.
If we’d accept we can’t do that,
All Donald Trumps we could avoid.
Without divides we might survive
To live another century.
If we stop giving life to Trumps
We would unite humanity.