BARACK OBAMA: fighting for change


"Change never comes without a fight"
Is something new Barack has said,
Which makes me think despite his skill
His new ideas might be dead.

The fight for change is nothing new.
It is what we have always done.
So if this time we fight for change
The change we need will not be won.

If we must fight to change the view
Of someone who can't see our way,
We will again still 'kill' that one;
And be as far from a new day.

It makes no sense to fight against
The governed systems that we find
For they are just created from
'Philosophies' that make us blind.

Real change requires we rid ourselves
Of theories with which we make traps.
So bridges we no longer build.
Instead we merely close the gaps.

To make this change we only need
A knowledge of biology
Where we will find our meaning in
Becoming what we each can be.

Thus notwithstanding rhetoric
And leadership that's overblown,
The changes we make without fights
Are changes we make on our own.

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