BARACK OBAMA: a cautionary view



Obama is so eloquent
In all the speeches that he makes.
It seems from heaven he has come
To save us all from our mistakes.

A savior could be what he is.
I will admit I do not know.
But this reminds me of a time
Another tried so long ago.

His message too was one of change.
"Do unto others..." was his cry.
It seems to me we still don't hear.
In ways some will not, others die.

So can Obama have success
In making changes that we need?
Of course he can't; no leader can.
To make these changes, we must lead.

The change we must make to survive
Is one we desperately avoid.
Instead of trying to fill it
We have to empty now, the void!

It's filled with our 'philosophies'
We think give meaning to our life
Despite a history that shows
They've given us nothing but strife.

We should take care to analyse
Our leaders and what we have tried.
We must live what is "natural".
We won't if we're Obamafied.

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