Most poets tend to be obscure.
A poet I don’t want to be.
I am an old life analyst.
Rhymed reason is my poetry.

My rhymes are with precision made.
The rhythms too are all precise.
The length of lines are all exact.
My thoughts are clear, as well, concise.

I crafted them in simple verse
So everyone can comprehend
The words, the phrases, and the tone;
And thus the message that I send.

It is a form that I acquired
When I was young, from hymnal books.
As I write now I’m bound to think
This is the way a poem looks.

In writing poems it is my goal
To motivate your thoughts of life.
They're just containers for my words
And shouldn't be a source of strife.

Creating them was not my dream.
They're only but a recent try
To find out if I was a fool
To ask the question "Why am I?"

They should be viewed as part of me
To you I wanted to impart.
I use my mind to choose the words,
I write the poems from my heart.