DEMOCRACY: the death of us

Humanity is governed by
Democracy we’ve not designed.
There were no formal documents.
It formed in our collective mind.
There are no parties seeking power.
Instead our countries take their place.
Each has a leader but just three
Are in the present leader’s race.

Democracy was given birth
And is sustained by the divides
We see throughout humanity
Creating our opposing sides.
Defenders say it is the worst
Except of course for all the rest.
But blind belief it is the way
Keeps us from seeing Nature’s best.

It is the way of living that
Began 2 million years ago.
It was authoritarian;
Our predecessors didn’t know.
With Nature’s rule “they reached out to
The bounds of their capacities,
To others, and to Nature’s God.”,
Their natural activities.

Two million years of “reaching out…”
Created bodies we now see
And minds allowing them to ask
The reason they were meant to be,
Two hundred thousand years ago.
They looked. A reason wasn’t found.
They tried to fill the void with some
Creating thus, uncommon ground.

Since then as tries to fill the void
Increased, creating more divides,
Humanity that once had none
Has more than 7 billion sides.
In early years, to bridge divides
It was decided to debate.
When no one would give up their side
They all discovered how to hate.
Debate was called Democracy.
We’ve claimed our rights to fill the void,
Unnatural activity
That’s left our lives all but destroyed.

Apparently, we have 10 years
To make our way back from the brink.
In order to, we must increase
Our mind’s capacity to think.
Since we were ‘born’ by “Why am I?”,
Despite the knowledge we’ve acquired
Our joint capacity to think
Has not increased to what’s required
To make the necessary change
That would allow us to survive.
While we still try to fill the void
We simply can’t remain alive.

However, if we rise to see
The void in us can not be filled
And then begin to empty it,
The consequence will leave us thrilled.
We will return to common ground.
Together, we’ll no longer fear
The void. Debate will end and so
Democracy will disappear.

We will not need a substitute.
There’s one in place that’s been repressed.
A known authoritarian,
We will be ruled by Nature’s best.
With it we will create ourselves.
We’ll all see what we can become;
And rather than be torn apart,
Humanity will be our sum.

Our time is short. We must begin
To change at once. Though we may die
Regardless of the change we make,
We owe it to ourselves to try.

To restore our self-creative relationship with nature
we have to end our self-destructive relationship with

United we ourselves create.
Divided we disintegrate.

DEMOCRACY: a debacle