Our vertical Economy                                
We worship as if it's a god.                        
However, it is powerless,
A pipe which we should not applaud.
The power that it seems to have
Is what we give Economy,
We then enable to decide
The life we have, what we can be.
The power we all give to it
Is generated as we try
To fill the void that is within
We find when asking, "Why am I?"

Our tries to fill the void with cash
Suck torrents of it out the top;
But as it flows down through our 'cone'
The money trickles to a stop.                
The population 'cone' we've formed
By grasping cash we think we need
Divides humanity so it's
Disintegrating by our greed.  
It's also screwed our 'Mother' to
The point she's taking her last breath.
Our vertical Economy
Will cause our Mother Nature's death.

Our vertical Economy
Will leave humanity undone.
We might survive if it is razed
To leave a horizontal one.
With it our 'Mother' we could heal,
Equality would be our way,
There'd be no conflict over cash,
To live we wouldn't have to pay.
To be our servant not our god
Should be economy's intent.
If we create it we may find
A level one will seem God sent.

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