Abortion has again become
A leader in the daily news.
While one side wants to ban them all,
The other wants the right to choose.
This conflict is a recent one
Among the fights in history.
The reason for these fights in life
Is not at all a mystery.

The story of our life began
About 2 million years ago.
Our Mother Nature planned our life.
She made the choice to let us grow.
Our predecessors reached out to
The bounds of their capacities,
To ‘mothers’, and to Nature’s God,
Our natural activities.
They had unique capacities
Which were by Mother Nature picked.
They traveled side by side to them
Therefore their paths did not conflict.
They grew to be what we see now,
Gained natural intelligence,
Developed minds that could ask “why?”,
They started wanting to make sense.

Our Mother ‘Eve’ asked “Why am I?”
200,000 years ago,
Thus gave birth to humanity.
The answer, ‘Adam’ didn’t know.
Unknowns he feared instinctively.
This one he sensed he should avoid.
So he created a response
With which he tried to fill the void.
It didn’t for there is no way.
But his successors felt the need
To try repeatedly since then.
We still try now and don’t succeed.

Our tries are all unnatural
Activity. They’re all made up.
Increasing them diminishes
The “reaching out…” that’s in our cup
Of life activities bestowed
On us by Nature long ago
With natural intelligence,
’Food’ for our minds we need to grow.
Our tries are motivated by
Unnatural intelligence
We claim mistakenly is truth
For make-believe does not make sense.
They’re all directed inwardly.
Regardless of the blend we picked
Our tries oppose all others’ tries;
The consequence, they all conflict.
We try to fill the void with wealth,
Religion and philosophy,
Preeminence and jobs and love,
With any type of family.
We try with alcohol and drugs,
And then to make life most complex
Resulting in mass casualties,
We try to fill the void with sex.

It’s Nature’s Law sex is required
In order to create new life.
With tries to fill the void with sex
All we create is harmful strife.
We fight about when life begins,
About a woman’s right to choose,
We fight over the right to life,
But in the end it’s life we lose.
It’s not just of an unborn child.
It’s, when we fight we can’t “reach out…”
And for the first few million years
That’s just what life was all about.

Since we’ve increasingly made life
A blend of tries to fill the void,
The life that was when ‘Eve’ gave birth
We’ve clearly pretty well destroyed.
Life scientists don’t have much hope
That we can turn this life around,
But if we can there’s just one way.
We have to stand on common ground.
Not just to end abortion fights.
All tries to fill the void must end.
With nothing then to fight about
Each former foe will be a friend.
Together we will reach out to
The bounds of our capacity,
To others and to Nature’s God,
Creating our humanity.

LIFE: a reaction to the void
ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SEX and other anesthetics