I had a vision of Jesus. He was dressed in his carpenter's smock and wore simple sandals. He was sitting unnoticed at a grand piano on a stage that overlooked all that Christianity had become. He acknowledged Ray Charles and began to sing this song.

"Look what they've done to my song, God.
Just look what they've done to my song.
To me they did not listen, God;
And now they've got the notes all wrong.

'Do unto others…' I said, God.
That's all I meant for it to be.
They've wrapped me in a fiction, God;
And now my song they cannot see.

Where in the world is my song, God?
Of it I see no evidence.
They are not singing my song, God.
What they are singing makes no sense.

I am confused by saving, God.
And all their worship wears me down.
I wish they would not follow, God.
I'd like to give them their own crown.

If they did "…unto others...', God,
Their myths would disappear, with strife;
And time used for soul saving, God,
Could then be used for living life.