DEMOCRACY: a debacle

Democracy was born out of
Our inability
To visualize the common path
Of all humanity.

Democracy reveals the state
Of our disunity
We nurture with the attitude
What is in it for me?

Democracy gives us "rights" to
Unfettered "liberty";
When "rights" divide they're wrongs beyond
All rationality.

Democracy induced all faiths
And each 'philosophy'.
The conflict everyone has caused
Helps fill our history.

Democracy maintains divides
In human unity;
They are divisions that preclude

Democracy is costing us
Our livability.
We cast a vote but then we pay.
Division isn't free.

Democracy distracts us from
A sad reality;
The harsh, corrupt dictatorship
By our Economy.

Democracy will be our death
Because we can't agree.
The politicking demonstrates
Our asininity.

Democracy we should change to
The law of unity.
Together is the only way
To save humanity.

Democratic self-destruction