(Jae C. Hong/Associated Press)

Congratulations to Barack,
He has his cherished prize;
But at a time in history
That brings tears to our eyes.

He's captain of a ship that is,
Regardless what you think,
So full of holes allowing leaks,
They could cause it to sink.

The people of the world are split
Along so many lines,
Humanity could self-destruct;
We can't ignore the signs.

Our trusted god Economy
Is in the ICU.
Her health may not return despite
What 'doctors' try to do.

Our life support is under stress
So much that it could break;
And we use time to fight about
Repairs we need to make.

He says he's going to bring you change,
A goal that you all cheer,
Until you learn you must give up
Some views that you hold dear.

I wish him well and truly hope
The prize that should be gold,
Is not an anchor with a chain
You've given him to hold.

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