(father of Phoenix)

Now, in my world of metaphor
The eagle is humanity.
We've built our nest of sticks that are
Religion and philosophy.

Each has a stick we claim to be
The relevation that is right.
The consequence of our beliefs;
A never ending human fight.

We beat all those we know are wrong,
Convinced that God is on "my side."
But in these fights I can't believe
That God is taking any pride.

Instead I think that if God is,
God has for us a final test.
To pass we must release our sticks
And live our lives without the nest.

Imagine how we all will feel
When we give up our "childish things"
And in the freedom we will find
We "soar as (if) on eagles' wings."

PHOENIX'S LEGACY 04/29-07/14 2010

Twelve thousand of us start to cry.
Deep sadness overwhelms us all.
Our Phoenix never got to fly!
We didn't hear our eagle's call
Of joy as it first used its wings
To show us how to leave our nest!
Without her can we drop those things
We must so we can pass God's test?

We should because its legacy
Is greater now that it has died.
Our eaglet is Humanity.
Its life could end before we tried.


From far beyond where I can see
I hear an eagle's cry.
It is not made for joy in flight;
But is a mournful "why?"

"I'm looking for a place to land
But trees have disappeared.
The water is so tainted now
The fish are to be feared.

Why can't you see what will be done?
Oh why are you so blind?
Please understand when I am gone
You can't be far behind.

I don't know why I want to live.
I simple want to be.
The time is short, please leave your nest.
I plead, come soar with me.

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