BARACK OBAMA: professing change


"Down at the bottom are the poor.
Above them is the middle class.
Then those who can afford to say,
'The rest of you can kiss my ass.'

The upper class is next to God.
That is the way it's always been.
I know I promised you real change
But changing that would be a sin.

There is a change I'll try to make.
The middle class I'll reinforce
So those of us who ride on it
Won't kill this economic horse.

I also plan to help the poor
So they can better scoop horse shit.
I'll tell them to "the Dream" aspire
Though they can have no part of it.

I know our Declaration says
We're equal in the sight of God;
But in my view there 'd be no life
Had we no one on whom to trod.

And so fellow Americans
Joe will not give the common ground
Where 'life' and 'liberty' and the
'Pursuit of happiness' are found."

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