Let's wage a war on poverty.
That should be easy if we try.
It is a foe that we can see.
If we could just discover why.

We'll call a meeting, rent a hall
And cater to our every need.
The experts hired will tell us all
The poor are with us due to greed.

Then we'll commission larger groups.
We'll give ten million to a judge
Who will in five years give us scoops
Why poverty won't seem to budge.

Meanwhile the poor can do without
Because we have to get it right.
It won't be easy, greed to rout.
Greed won't go down without a fight.

There'll surely be some legalese
That we will have to organize.
More money for the lawyers please
To cross the T's and dot the I's.

We'll need a program to direct
Toward the problem that we find.
Though hazy goals will be suspect
It's being will bring peace of mind.

For when we seem to do some thing,
It's usually just good enough
To take away the critics sting
Pretending that they are so tough.

And to the poor we'll also give,
A strategy that's meant to ease
Our sense of guilt so we can live
Believing that our God we'll please.

We do all this to hide the facts 
For then we're able to avoid
The reason poverty attacks.
We try with cash to fill the void

It sneaks among us as we slave
In order to secure our place
In history of those who save,
As winners of the human race.

If poverty we wished to kill
We could; just end the race to wealth.
It is the only plan that will
Restore humanity to health.