BARACK OBAMA: four more years of same


The president's acceptance speech
Repeated thoughts from his old song.
"Our road [we've] traveled has been hard.
[As well] our journey has been long."

"Together we [will] rise and fall."
Is thinking that's still wrong it seems.
Together we will surely rise;
We'll fall pursuing "our own dreams".

To rise we need to dream the same.
A common purpose we must see;
To reach out to the limits of
Our own unique capacity.

He shouldn't praise our "politics".
"Democracy" reveals our fights.
Humanity will not survive
The battles for divisive "rights".

"These arguments are [not] a mark
Of liberty." They're chains that bind
Us to beliefs that keep us from
The freedom which we long to find.

We don't have "common hopes and dreams".
The poor dream to be "middle class".
Those in the middle hope to say,
"The rest of you can kiss my ass."

Until Economy is razed,
"The hope that something better []waits"
Will be Obama's legacy.
"God [cannot] bless these [untied states]".

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