Life starts 2 million years ago.
The reason why we do not know.
Through ages of gestation we
By "Why?", were born humanity.
With Stone and Bronze and Iron aged;
Against an Age of Darkness raged.
In Middle Age we start to fight
With reason to turn on the 'Light'.
The Age of Industry we made;
New economic markets paid.
But life not right we next invent
A New Age of Enlightenment.
New 'light' however let us feel
The emptiness within is real.
The Information Age we spawned
To fill it but it still soon dawned
On us we can not fill the void.
Now in our last try to avoid
The emptiness we've chosen play.
So after coming all this way
It seems insane with all to lose,
The Entertainment Age we choose.
We think our life is one be rave.
In fact we party on our grave.
Our lives are filled with deadly strife.
We’re wasting Mother Nature’s life.
It’s possible to end the waste
But only if we act with haste.
If we do not then She will die
And we won’t get another try.
If we continue with this blast
This age will surely be our last.

Age of Asininity