Let's have a war; we have the rules
So God won't think that we are fools.
They were conceived in Switzerland.
To keep war 'right', they are at hand.
It shows to all that we are wise
For killing we legitimize;
And say it is completely sane
Providing that it is humane.
We've said it is alright to hate
But only outside prison's gate.
Within its walls one shot we see
A crime against humanity.
With wars like in Afghanistan
Those killed are just part of the plan
To rid the world of all we find
That seem a threat to peace of mind.

But war is just a veil so thin
We use to hide the threat within.
To win we think will leave us buoyed
winning cannot fill the void.
If we don't try all wars will cease!
In all the world there'll be one peace
For when we all live what's "ideal"
A freedom from the void we'll feel.
Philosophies will turn to dust
If Nature's way of life we trust.
Without them we will end all strife,
Replacing war with peaceful life..