"They" said I lost my life today.
That simply is a load of shit.
Let's tell the truth; collectively,
"They" justified the theft of it.

I died while doing what I loved.
How often I've heard that refrain.
No reason given can defend
A love that causes so much pain.

I could not love with guns in hand.
No camouflage can hide this fact
That killing is unnatural.
From life it only can subtract.

A thousand soldiers stand stock-still
As eight march with their now dead mate
To start my final journey home
Where loved ones in deep sorrow wait.

At home they say they're proud of me
Defending thus their way of life.
But no one says there'd be more pride
In living life without the strife.

The only voice of reason is
My own and I'd have surely said,
"If I could do it all again
I would not end up being dead".

I want to walk the earth again,
To hold my children, hug my wife.
I'd gladly trade those 'lofty' goals
My 'leaders' said were worth my life.

If you could see what I see now,
Your faces you'd all hide in shame.
My dying for your thoughtlessness
Was just not worth the passing fame.

God damn it! When will you wake up?
You're sleeping through your lives you see.
Until you change them I am left
In sorrow for eternity.