An apple fell and Newton found
The simple law of gravity.
When chaos falls that's too due to
The law that rules Humanity.
It's not like nature's other laws.
The law that rules us lets us choose
Activities but then decides
How much of life they gain or lose.

Life gained or lost depends upon
Unique reactions to the void,
Since 'Eve' asked 'Adam', "Why am I?",
The missing fact we can't avoid.
It's just a space within our mind.
It has no power of its own.
But feeling emptiness can be
The most destructive force we've known.

We can react by giving up.
To fill it we can also try.
But only nature's way can tame
The force unleashed with "why am I?".
It's reaching to the boundaries
Of our unique capacities,
To others and to Nature's God,
The ideal way that mostly frees
Us from the vision of the void.
Our giving up can't do the trick
And tries to fill the void will fail
Regardless of the ways we pick.

The law that governs us allows
A choice but nature qualifies.
We must "reach out..." to some extent.
With no ideal a person dies.
How much of the ideal we have
Is varied by how much we choose
Of either of the other two.
As they increase, ideal we lose.

The evidence of our lives proves
Our loses far outweigh our gains.
We've tried to fill the void so much
Not much of the ideal remains.
If we continue in this way
Our law of human nature states
Our lives will end in chaos soon,
Just what our ruling law dictates.
However, if we chose to change
We might still turn ourselves around
Buy flooding life with the ideal
Before our 'apple' hits the ground.