We know when human life began
It started in a single place,
But as groups spread around the world
They each became a different race.
Though still within humanity
Location and selection made
Some changes in appearance that
Uniting now, with time will fade.

While separate, groups reached out and
Expanded their capacity.
As facts piled up they wondered more
About the why they came to be.
Increasingly they realized
Behind the why there is a void,
And over time they sensed it was
A fact they needed to avoid.

In time they found eight ways with which
They tried to fill the void in vain
By blending two or more; but three
Will be sufficient to explain
How racism became involved.
At first to have their lives make sense
They were attributed to gods.
And then they tried preeminence.
These two combined to form a view
Believers saw in their God's sight
Our races on an upright scale
And most preeminent was white.
They further saw the colours ranged
On down through darker skins to black,
And in the separation felt
Their God had justified attack.

Though racism can't fill the void
It is part of so many tries
That as a growing consequence
We hear among the varied cries,
"Our hands are up. We cannot breathe.
Nor do we see much hope ahead.
Financial inequality
Has left us mostly walking dead."

It's not race based. Its source is tries
To fill the void with cash and stuff
It buys. The effort never ends
Since more will never be enough.
Cash also buys preeminence.
Joint efforts to get more create
A vertical economy
And our related social state.
Combined attempts to get more cash
Create a population cone,
Around the vertical supply,
We colour with each racial tone.
We suck the money from the top
Where white men grab great quantities.
Amounts they miss then trickle down,
Thus massive black inequities.

The cries evoked by racism
Are loud, but still they cause some doubt
We don't know what to do except
To march, protest, wave signs and shout.
Another hint we have no plan,
The crowds are relatively small.
To rid our lives of racism
The actions must involve us all.

The end is near impossible.
The way however, crystal clear.
Stop filling and then drain the void
Of all the memes that we hold dear.
The empty void will leave us with
Our natural activities
With which we come to realize
Our own unique capacities
By reaching out to others and
To Nature's God who doesn't see
Our different appearances
Just covering what we can be.
The vertical economy
Will by an emptied void be razed.
The colour scale will blend; and if
God is, a fair God will be praised.
Not incidentally, a razed
Economy will also mean
Though coloured skin will fade away
We'll see environmental green.