We’re all in this together mate.
So we'll all suffer the same fate.
As we strip oceans, fields and streams,
We shatter Mother Nature's dreams.
Clean mountain air I used to breathe
Is fouled by what the cities leave.
And smoke from fires far away
Still smother cities any way.

Although we seem uniquely bred
We weave life with a common thread.
We're in reaction to the void
Which we're all trying to avoid.
However, we try separately
And thus divide humanity.
We try with money we collect.
With this way others we neglect.
Religions and philosophies
Divide no matter which we seize.
All other ways conflict as well
Which makes life a divided hell.

Since we're together we're not smart
To live ways that force us apart.
For when apart we can't endure
The feelings we are insecure.
What's more, apart we can't survive.
Together we remain alive.
So if we don't want life to pass
We must get off our common ass.
Together we must see the 'light'.
For on our own we'll lose the fight.
And at the end we'll not begin
Another fight that we might win.
When life is over, our will done,
There'll be no one to see the sun.