We’re all in this together mate.
So all will suffer the same fate.
Strip all the oceans, fields and streams,
From others we will hear their screams.
Clean mountain air that I will breathe
Is still what all the others leave.
For all, our money more or less,
Is only meaningless success.
Religions and philosophies
Will dry up in a common breeze.
It's senseless wasting our short life
Believing in what causes strife.
It’s so much harder to endure
The feelings we are insecure.

We must get off our common ass
Before we let more minutes pass.
Together we must see the 'light'
For separately we'll lose this fight.
A failure individually
Will fail us all collectively.
And at the end we'll not begin
Another fight that we might win.
When this is over, our will done,
God can't return us to the sun.