JOE the plumber: the American Dream

The plumber Joe they both toyed with
Just represented the great myth
That if we work hard, it would seem,
We will acquire part of "the Dream".
"The Dream" though has the consequence
Of using us at our expense.

In 'Dreaming' we all spend our lives;
But at "the Dream" no one arrives.
"The Dream" is meant the void to fill;
However, no one ever will.
We'll try forever but will find
"The Dream" can't buy us peace of mind.

I think it's time we realize
"The Dream" we chase is not the prize.
We should eliminate this waste
So we can then at long last taste
Real life as it was meant to be,
Without "the Dream" philosophy.

Without "the Dream" we can reach out
To what real life is all about;
To ends of our capacities,
To others and to God who sees
The value in what we become
Together, as the human sum.