The Bible says that sin began
The moment 'Eve' ate from the 'tree'.
It's not the act which screwed 'the plan'
That God had for humanity.
The first reflective question "Why?"
Was not the reason for "the fall".
Her act of asking "Why am  I?"
Made 'Eve' the mother of us all.
The "why?" though left a hole inside
'Eve' felt she needed to avoid
For fear, which she could not abide.
So 'Adam' tried to fill the void.
The void however, can't be filled.
It seems it's meant to be within
So wondering will make us thrilled.
Thus 'Adam's' try began our sin.

We try to fill the void eight ways.
Religions and philosophies
Are one attempt; and money pays;
And anesthetics try to please.
Preeminence and romance too;
Our spouse and kids; careers; and facts.
We blend some into what we do.
They're inwardly directed acts.

And thus the sins we choose conflict.
Like punishments just indicates
It matters not the sins we picked.
It is the conflict that God hates.
Believing God forgives our sins
And lets us carry on with life
Is where our present Hell begins,
A place of self-destructive strife.
To save our lives we must end Hell.
Extracting sins is difficult.
If we succeed, God's 'rose' we'll smell,
And "ideal" living will result.