DICTATORSHIPS: processes of unity


Deposing our dictators from 

Positions they have held for life
Apparently gives hope to some

Their leaving will diminish strife.

More likely though hope will be dashed,

For even though they are corrupt,

Without the pressure they exert

So much more conflict will erupt.

Still fear of strife can't justify 

Accepting dictates from "the man";

But lopping off a country's head

Should be preceded by a plan.

There needs to be analyses

Of all the reasons that we fight.
These 'wrongs' we then take from our lives

Until we're left with just one "right".

With it, one-man dictatorships

Will lose their rationality.

There'll be no need for man made laws,

Not even for democracy.

The 'law' that's written in our genes

Will dictate what we can become;
And parallel dictatorships

Will make Humanity the sum.