The good and evil we believe
Are absolute opposing traits,
Oppose each other but are found
In relatively fluid states.

They're from reactions to the void
Behind the question "Why am I?"
Our evil is created when
The ways to fill the void we try.
Our good is born in reaching to
The bounds of our capacity,
To others, and to Nature's God,
The "ideal" way for us to be.

The traits end a continuum.
Our evil blends with good between.
The closer to the good we are
The less of evil will be seen.
As we approach the evil end
It will become more evident
While signs of good will disappear;
And any blend we can present.
We can present completely good.
We need some good in every blend.
Removing every bit of good
Will take us to an evil end.

Our good brings life, our evil death.
Our evil dominates our lives.
Replacing evil with our good
May mean humanity survives.