God's will is doctrine of the church
That harms God's credibility;
And gratefully absolves from us
All our responsibility.

Believing God decides who's rich
Then chooses those who beg for bread
Can only lead me to conclude
The church's God must be brain dead.

The view that God designed the rank
Of races that has whites on top
With darker shades then blacks below
Requires that all thinking stop.

For God to use disease to teach
Us lessons that we need to learn
Interprets life in such a way
That God, I only want to spurn.

God cannot "bless America"
Inferring God leaves out the rest
And not create in me the view
Believers failed their IQ test.

How can I possibly believe
When told that God is in control
Then see on every nightly news
More soldiers killed while on patrol.

To hear from fields of war and sport
"Almighty God was on my side"
While those opposed God helped defeat,
Is thinking my mind can't abide.

To thus believe I must suspend
The use of my intelligence.
To think we find the will of God
In things like this, does not make sense.

We're separated from what's real.
God's purpose no one understands.
We're looking up; we should look down.
The will of God is in our hands.

God; God's voice; God's message