GOD'S MESSAGE: re guns


"Another damn memorial
For victims that were shot.
You may believe that I was there
But sorry, I was not.

I didn't come because I am tired
Of this stupidity;
You make the guns, kill ones I love,
And then you pray to me.

You choose to wrap around yourselves
The right to carry arms
Ignoring as the dead pile up
That me the killing harms.

I'm so pissed off I have a mind
To right now end it all;
But I don't kill, besides you have
Already made that call.

Since on life views you won't agree
The killing will increase.
Because you seem too dumb to change
I know I'll soon have peace.

I'm finished, now I'll wait alone
Until your will is done.
So at the next memorial
Pray to your holy gun."

God; God's voice; God's will