The "war on terrorism" is
A visible activity
That fights the terror that's within,
Our common human enemy.

Our terror is of the unknown
We find when asking "Why am I?"
It's of the void which can't be filled
But war is still a way we try.

This "terrorism" is a foe
Ideally suited to our fight.
Unlike the terror in our mind,
The terrorists are in plain sight.

They could be us. We need just try
To fill the void at the extreme,
For there such terror we will cause
To keep alive a dying dream.

It keeps us all so occupied
We have no time to think about
The reason we are in this war,
And thus the why we don't want out.

But if we see we must get out
Before it leaves us all destroyed,
The war will end when we decide
There are no ways to fill the void.

When we discard them we will find
The common ideal way of life
With peace of mind we all can feel
Diminishing to none our strife.

If we decide to end the war,
The terrorists we need not fear.
Their reason is the same as ours
So terrorists will disappear.

ATTACKS: Paris and elsewhere