God gave us nature's Paradise,
To reach out to what we can be.
We could have lived that way for life
But in our way was that damn tree.

God told her not to pick the 'fruit'.
But she chose not to heed Her voice.
If it's forbad, it must be good
She thought, and so she made the choice

To ask the question “Why am I?”,
Which gave birth to humanity.
He searched his mind but couldn’t find
The reason they were meant to be.

He’d feared unknowns but this was new.
External ones he could avoid.
This new one though was in his mind
And so he tried to fill the void.

He couldn’t for it can’t be filled,
And still we try at deadly cost.
With every try to fill the void
Some more of Paradise is lost.

There’s not much left. Though time is short
We still could turn ourselves around.
Instead of looking in reach out
To where our Paradise is found.