GUS: a special uncle



To Carolyn, Linda, Wendy too,
You had the greatest Dad.
When I was young he gave to me
Some time you should have had.

A bow and arrows he made me;
A knife that I could throw.
In his workshop I found with wood
The skill that I now know.

While sanding through my finger nail
To be a man I learned.
He laughed and said, "Go bleed outside",
And to his work returned.

When finished with a lacquer pail
The thing he liked to try
By putting it upon a fire
To blow it through the sky.

Once flying with him in his plane
He did a loop the loop.
By Gus, I almost peed my pants
And lost my noonday soup.

You lived your life upon the edge
Without a lot of fuss.
And now I want to say to you,
You had a great life Gus.