Democracy is the consequence of a society that does not yet know we could have a common direction. Democracy is created by two or many more groups, but ultimately by individuals, wanting to go in our own opposing directions, each believing our direction is right. The chief function of democratic elections is to illuminate the resultant self-destructive divisions within humanity. Democracy pulls us apart; and because of it we can not pull together. Democracy may be the least destructive way of organizing ourselves but the resulting conflict confirms it is only a matter of time before "government of the people, by the people, for the (self-interest) of the people (will) perish from the earth"1 with the people unless we vote for change.

 If it is not already too late to change we can if we want to, save ourselves from democratic self-destruction by 'voting' to replace our sense of "rights" to fill the void in our own way, that gave birth to democracy, with the "ideal" part of the law controlling  our human nature. It dictates that "we reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God." These individual dictatorships compel us to go in the same direction on parallel paths so there could be no conflict for  "...there would be no sides". The ultimate consequence of our "ideal" dictatorships would be an undivided humanity pulling us all together toward individual and collective self-realization.   1 Abraham Lincoln

(see) DEMOCRACY: a debacle, DEMOCRAPY