The snap election has been called.
The media no longer wait;
And we all sit by our TV
To watch the leaders recreate.

At least four leaders make the case
For all Canadians they speak.
It might appear the choice is good.
In fact it makes us very weak.

United in a cause, we stand.
Divided by our views we fall.
Though now it might not seem like it
If we don't change we'll hit the wall.

We can not go our separate ways
And not at sometime come apart.
The more we carve our country up
The sooner we will break her heart.

It's not our leaders' fault you know.
They speak for those who let them lead;
And we don't know the way to go
So that real life we won't impede.

It's farce at best to watch them huff
Espousing theories that we trust
To be the truth despite the fact
That with our death they turn to dust.

And rather than have intercourse
We just perpetuate the strife
With one more meaningless debate
That can't for us create new life.

On the election night there'll be
Some twenty million votes for sale,
Three hundred million dollars spent;
No matter, chaos will prevail.