Earning and using money to fuel the materialistic reaction (see poem) has never been my primary activity. For only about 2 of my working years did I have a full time job. Friends' discarded furniture have been my upgrades. For 25 years my floors were premium, painted subfloor. My first new vehicle was a gift from dad 4 years ago. So deciding to give mom's bathroom a make-over involved an ethical struggle.

We can convince ourselves to do things with layers of reasons. However, I think I am being honest when I say the reason I decided to renovate mom's bathroom was the experience of having to lift Dad in and out of the tub. That won't be possible with mom. She won't even let me see her without her teeth. So I am about to begin the task of making mom's bathroom as accommodating as I hope will be necessary. I will include a couple options but I won't go all the way. I pray I won't come up short. I will keep you posted.