Through scientific method we have discovered laws that govern all aspects of natural activity. It seems the existence of these laws is generally accepted without much discussion about their source beyond describing on going research as an effort to discover the "God Law", the unifying law that ties all the others together. Standing on our acceptance there are laws governing the entire complex array of natural activity we should be encouraged to expect there are also from this same source "principles governing human behaviour" which can also be discovered through scientific method. Once discovered, in the light of this "Law of Human Nature" we will be able to explain every activity and life circumstance; and predict where on what appears to be a continuum between complete self-destruction and complete self-realization the outcome of our activity will be.

We can only hope we discover the "Law of Human Nature" soon because our present haphazard experiments continue to be increasingly self-destructive. It can be found in the last why: the poem.

Law of Human Nature: the poem