CRYSTAL METH: a suicide bomb

"Crystal meth" might be the drug of choice on which to focus our attention but the message its use is delivering is the same as that of other self-destructive activities. Our philosophical structure is so fragmented a common sense of purpose is impossible to find. So we look among the pieces.

Users are not misfits. They are the 'canaries' we take to the depths of our collective mind. These tiny, fragile creatures are easily overcome by the poisonous philosophical gases that permeate our life. We can not save them with protective legal 'gear'. Nor in our fragmented state do we have the strength to win the 'war'.

But we must do something for it is not just the "canaries" we are trying to save. Maintaining the status quo is not working. We need to articulate and engage in our common purpose. Doing so will reunite humanity and provide a structure with the strength to contain us all. Within it will be such a common sense of purpose, no one will even contemplate harming any member, not even oneself. (see LONDON BOMBS)