Just 56% cast votes
So 44 have given up.
Say Hillary won 29,
2 less won Donald Trump the 'cup'.
Interpreting percent results
Is simple if we know this fact.
Whatever our activities,
With them we to the void react.

Though our reactions are unique,
Each of us similarly blends
A complementary amount
Of one with either of two ends.
We must react with some ideal
Which gives life to humanity.
It's reaching to the boundaries
Of our unique capacity,
To others and to Nature's God,
That seems intended to dictate
A way of life which will ensure
An end that has us self-create.
We blend with it some giving up,
Or too with tries to fill the void,
But since with both we self-destruct
Ways to these ends we best avoid.

Now Donald Trump received his votes
From those believing he can fill
The measure of the void they feel
Not knowing no way ever will.
He offered jobs and cash(his way),
He promised too preeminence
For Christians, whites and men as well.
Each heard the promise that made sense.
Though Hillary made promises
That had some of the same appeal,
Her voters were to some extent
Inclining more to the ideal.

That Clinton won more votes than Trump
Does not a hopeful view construct.
Those votes for Trump and giving up
Create a win to self-destruct.
For hope we must 'vote' the ideal
Together so there's just one sum
That self-creates humanity
Revealing what we can become.
The battle has been long enough,
Two hundred forty years and more.
It's time to end the politics
And let the mighty eagle soar.

Democracy: a debacle