For most of human history,
From our conception to our birth,
Our forbears couldn't question why.
They simply lived in Mother Earth
Reacting to her every move.
If her creative plan was real
Their natural activity
We must conclude was the ideal.
They reached out to the limits of
Capacities that are unique,
To others, and to Nature's God.
For purpose they just didn't seek
Til 'Eve' asked 'Adam', "Why am I?"
And gave birth to humanity.
When 'Adam' answered, "I don't know."
He gave birth to our mystery
Which lasts. So we still have a known
Conclusion we cannot avoid.
Though we don't know the reason why,
We're in reaction to the void.
This doesn't mean we must ask, "Why...?"
Reactions can be passed along
By others without questioning
The reason we reprise their 'song'.

The metaphysical unknown
That 'Adam' found was not the same
As physical unknowns he feared.
His fear of it he couldn't tame.
The physical unknowns he met
He tamed with either fight or flight.
The void however is within
So he could neither flee nor fight.
Instead he tried to fill the void
In order to give peace of mind.
He made up myths but felt them fail
So other ways he tried to find.

He didn't try exclusively.
In fact his tries were minuscule
Since most of his activity
Remained ideal by Nature's rule.
But over the millennia
As tries to fill the void increased,
To make room in our lives for them
Ideal activity decreased.
Since tries to fill the void decreased
Activity that's natural,
Activity that is a try
Is opposite, unnatural.

Our tries to fill the void are not
The only way we can react.
Somewhere along the line of time
Just giving up became a fact.
Although it's inactivity
Our giving up is like our tries;
It too decreases natural
Activity that's in our lives.

Though 'Adam' tried to fill the void'
To be a system of defence,
Reactions to the void could have
An unintended consequence.
There is no doubt we all can see
The consequence of giving up.
From here we should conclude there is
No purpose in an empty 'cup'.
Because our tries to fill the void
Have been our life for such a time,
It could be much more difficult
Agreeing they could be a crime
Against humanity. But look
At the effect they have on life,
Beginning with they are the cause
Of endless self-destructive strife
Because the void is in our mind
So tries to fill it we direct
Within, in opposition to
All others' tries which we detect.
As individuals our tries
Prohibit us from "reaching out..."
That from conception to our birth
Was what our life was all about.

So though our "Why..." we cannot know,
If life is what our Mother planned,
Our tries as well as giving up
Can be rejected out of hand.
With these two out there's just one left,
The one ideal we can't assault,
Our natural activity
Must be our purpose by default.