Our body, mind and spirit too,
There's no way we can separate.
When 'seen' together in our mind
A tetrahedron they create.

Its base, the function of our form
Is our reaction to the void.
It's found by asking "Why am I?",
A question 'Eve' could not avoid.

Unique reactions we create
By blending only two of three.
From nature we've got the "ideal"
One of the two it needs to be.

With the "ideal" we reach out to
The ends of our capacities,
To others and to Nature's God.
It is the only one that frees

Us from the emptiness we feel
Each time we ask of life its why.
The second just lets us "give up";
To "fill the void" we also try.

With the "ideal" our spirit shines.
When we give up our 'light' goes out.
And when we try to fill the void
We feel dark, self-destructive doubt.

To the degree that we "...reach out..."
Our sense of spirit is at ease.
As decreased by the other two
Our spirit suffers from disease.

It's caused by nourishment we feed
To both our body and our mind.
We feed ourselves what we get from
And we then give back to mankind.