OCCUPY WALL STREET: a hint of hope

Wisconsin was the state wherein
Humanity was re-conceived.
They had no vision of it then
But change was needed they believed.

It came to Wall Street to be born.
Let's hope it's here that we can see
The changes needed to ensure
We feed reborn humanity.

We have to see the common good
And rise above Democracy,
A system which persists because
Our dominant concern is "me".

The vertical economy
We can't continue to applaud.
A horizontal one we need
To be our servant, not our god.

Religions and philosophies
We think give meaning to our life,
We must discard to see the view
That frees us from ongoing strife.

All hits to our environment
We simply must bring to an end.
Unless we quit assaulting her
A final message she'll soon send.

The calls for changes aren't diverse.
They have their source in one appeal
To make the common life we live
The consequence of "the ideal".

For years change has been side to side.
We must begin to move ahead.
If we don't make these changes, then
The end of Wall Street will be dead.