SARAH BURKE: her perfect run.



On 1/19/2012
She rode her pipe one final time.
Her training run came to an end
Without a reason or a rhyme.
For Rory and her family
Her loss they will forever feel;
But it might help that Sarah was
The girl with skis who made life real.

"A pioneer", she reached out to
The bounds of her capacity.
Like no one else her flips and twists
Defied the laws of gravity.
The pipe was where she felt alive.
In it she learned to use her wings.
Each time she took us on her flights
She taught us how our spirit sings.

As we remember Sarah Burke,
Recall her "Why not?" attitude,
Her sparkling eyes, her lovely smile,
For life, her constant gratitude.
If thoughts of her still make us sad
And we can't help but wonder why,
We could think she now went to God
To teach the angels how to fly.

SARAH BURKE 1982-2012